Why Sterilize?

There is a lot of very good work being done by many dedicated organizations but the bottom line is simple, more funds are needed to sterilize the ever growing, unwanted pet population. By supporting the NSP, you will be directly helping our incredible network of beneficiaries from around the country.

Each sterilization procedure subsidized by the NSP and carried out by their network of beneficiaries is photographed and documented on www.nsp.org.za. We encourage our donors to track our progress and witness the very animals they have helped sterilize.


According to animal welfare industry reports, more than 200 dogs and cats are put down each week in South Africa, simply because they are unwanted.

Poor communities are often hard-pressed to take care of their pets and to sterilize them. These unwanted animals run the risk of spreading diseases, such as scabies, rabies, hook worm, tape worm and toxoplasmosis. An average bitch will produce at least 3 litters within a two-year period, which by the end of 8 years could see 10 368 unwanted puppies. The situation is worse for cats. From just 3 unsterilized females, more than 16 785 unwanted kittens can be born over a 3 year period.

Added to this is the cost of sterilization, which many people cannot easily afford. The NSP plays an important financial role by subsidizing sterilizations performed through its network of beneficiaries.

The NSP offers a financial and health solution to many people who cannot afford to sterilize their pets. We believe that no-one should be born into abject poverty, hardship and disease. The same holds true for the cats and dogs of South Africa.