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Envirovet CVC

Written by NSP on , Posted in Beneficiaries

EnviroVet CVC is a satellite community veterinary clinic that falls under the umbrella of the South African Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinics (SAVA). The SAVA initiative was launched in 1998 to promote primary healthcare in indigent communities in South Africa that are unable to access the services offered by private veterinary practitioners. EnviroVet CVC was started in 2011 by Dr Annelize Roos and she has developed a dedicated and competent team. The team has been involved in numerous projects in and around the Cape Province of South Africa, focusing primarily on the sterilization of animals.

Primary veterinary care such as vaccinations, dipping, deworming, treatment of mange and TVT for animals in need is also done. Our service also includes elective surgery, referred by private veterinarians in case where clients have financial restraints. This involves mostly orthopaedics, but also includes most other surgical procedures.