About NSP


The NSP is passionate about South Africa’s animals, which deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. By working in partnership with the community, we can make a substantial difference in protecting these animals.

There is a massive upsurge of stray animals living in the most appalling conditions. According to industry research, hundreds of dogs and cats are put down each week in South Africa simply because there aren’t enough homes for them.

Poor communities are hard-pressed to care for their pets, and with the spread of unwanted animals, comes an increased risk of disease.

We bring animal welfare organizations, corporate sponsors and animal lovers together in a united drive that will ultimately protect all domestic animals.


To play a major role in reducing the growing population of stray animals in South Africa through an ongoing, nationwide mass sterilization program.


To subsidize each sterilization performed by our golden beneficiaries in each region of South Africa.

To increase the number of sterilizations performed by partnering with more animal welfare groups that have established sterilization programs.

To keep on growing until we have a golden beneficiary in every region in South Africa

To document every sterilization in which the NSP has been involved, and to provide our donors with these tangible results via our website.